Hiya and welcome to the realm of the deviants! Below you will find the information pertaining to this realm. This realm is pretty much open as you can make it. The main channels of course already are established, but if your roleplay takes you outside of those main channels please use the Outside World channel to not clutter the mains. This realm is made up of Fantasy and Slice of Life genres, of course, others can also come into play as well! If you have a plot don't hesitate to speak up and see if others would like to go into with you.

Of course, my PMs are always open should anyone read this information and still have questions. I may not get back to you immediately but I will answer as soon as possible.

First order of business: Out Of Character Rules
  • No rape scenes - this can be a trigger for some people and I don't want it here.
  • No Powergaming, or making your character untouchable.
  • No Godmodding, or making another's character do as you want.
  • No Metagaming, or having your character know something about a subject or another character that they would have absolutely no way of knowing without learning it from somewhere first.
  • No Rhinohiding, or having a character refuses to take a hit at all.
  • No Autohitting, or instantly dictate your hit and also its effect on the player, they must be allowed to alter the outcome.
  • If you wish to have a larger side plot please take it to a private roleplay between yourself and those included in the plot. This keeps the clutter down and lessens confusion.
  • Please read the posts and see what is going on in the storyline at the time you wish to join or ask someone if you don't know.
  • You may move and play the NPCs at your will or as needed.
Second order of business: In Character Rules

Do not touch or harm Asmodia's girls if you wish to live, other than that, have a sexy time!
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HOPE - second bartender of the Club and can be contacted for any needs should Cassandra be unavailable.

GALE - the head bartender for the Burlesque Lounge and can be contacted for any needs should Nalia be unavailable.

DEV - the main bouncer for both the Club and Lounge, overseeing most of the other bouncers, and can be contacted if there is an issue in either building

HEXUS - Hellhound and loyal companion of Asmodia.


Second in command of Azrael's business. Is currently an NPC, but if you are interested in playing this character please PM @Hawk

Captain of the Royal Army. Youngest of the siblings. Is currently an NPC, but if you are interested in playing this character please PM @K1ngL3gendz

Demon of Greed, General and Second in Command to Avari. Is currently an NPC, but if you are interested in playing this character please PM @Alcyone


Played by VIXARIA

ASMODIA DEMOSE - the owner of the Deviant Ecstasy Nightclub, neighboring Burlesque Lounge, and the Estate. She generally leaves the minor running of the Club and Lounge to some of her trusted employees. She also happens to not only be a demon but THE demon. Her story has progressed and she is now one of two Queens of the Nines, with her fraternal twin sister.

VERONICA CROSS - A vampress that works at the Deviant Moon Bar as an escort. She is one of the most sought out after in the bar as far as the escorts go. Was turned by a vampire from the Harlowe bloodline.

VIXARIA ALLYENA - Once a mortal turned into a Dark-Huntress. After being murdered by her husband, Artemis made her a deal she couldn't refuse. To take one Act of Vengeance against those that had done her wrong for an exchange of servitude for eternity while fighting off supernatural threads that threaten human life. Ex-lover to Azrael.

Played by ALCYONE

AVARI - Asmodia's twin sister, fellow Queen of the Nines. She can and will do anything for and to protect her sister.

NALIA - a Demon of Lust and General Manager of the Burlesque Lounge. She will not put up with anything against her girls and will probably kill anyone who doesn't follow the rules.

CASSANDRA - a half Angel, half siren. Her Angel parentage is kept close to the vest. She helps run the Deviant Ecstasy Club and is one of two Bartenders for the club.

HORLOWE LE NOX - Traveling spirit. Second oldest of the siblings. Creator bloodline of Veronica Cross.

Played by K1NGL3GENDZ

DRADIRO DEMOSE- a vampire/demon hybrid and though only a visitor to the club at first, has now become Asmodia's husband and father to her children. He is also, with Dev, the main bouncer of the Club, though is more likely to kill someone than throw them out.

LILITH LE NOX- Queen of the Vampires and partner in Deviant Incorporated with Asmodia. She mostly sees over the Deviant Moon Bar. Lilith handles all of the vampires that come into the city as well as the lycanthropes. Oldest of the four siblings.

SEIFER LE NOX - Brother to Lilith and pirate king, Seifer is normally out on the open seas. Only coming in a handful of times a month to visit. Second to youngest of the siblings.

Played by HAWK

AZRAEL - Angel of Death himself. Now a Fallen Angel as he walks the Earth. Running Extraordinary Solutions™, a mercenary business as well as selling weapons that are specific towards each race to take them down. Not only does his run that business but he also sells liquors on the side. Ex-lover to Vixaria.


KYLARIS - a Demon of Lust and a newly hired VIP dancer for Deviant Esctasy. She's rather young compared to Nalia, Avari, and Asmodia.

Played by RYUNA

KURO- King of the Unseele Court of Fae. He is a dark fae that has a more than a few tricks up his sleeve. He has out live many and suffered greatly at the hands of fate. His main goal is to insure the continuance of his people at any cost.


SAIR BALTIS (Played by Ljósbrenna)
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Jobs of Deviant

Partners of Deviant Inc - Asmodia and Lilith​

Deviant Esctasy Nightclub

Club Owner - Asmodia

Head Bartender - Cassandra

Head Bouncer - Dradiro

Head Dancer - Kylaris

Bartenders - Open

Dancers - Rose(NPC) - Open

Bouncers - Dev(NPC) - Open

Burlesque Lounge

Lounge Owner - Asmodia

General Manager - Nalia

Head Bartender - Gale

Head Bouncer - Dradiro

Head Waiter/Waitress - Open

Head Dancer - Open

Bartenders - Gale(NPC) - Hope(NPC)

Dancers - Open

Bouncers - Dev(NPC) - Open

Deviant Moon Bar

Bar Owner - Lilith

Head Bouncer - Dradiro

Head Waiter/Waitress - Open

Head Bartender - Alyra Lauryn(NPC)

Head Escort - Veronica

Bouncers - Dev(NPC) - Open

Waiter/Waitresses - Open

If you wish to interview for a job at any of the mentioned establishments, please contact Vixaria or Teag.
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