Travelling Tamiran

A rush of wings filled the air. The seventh cycle of Air Cavalry training. The training schedule was so specific, they always knew when it was time to harvest each crop they grew. So, at the sound of early morning training, Theia and her father set out into their northern field. Theia would be the one to travel with the crop to trade in Ashpine. Occasionally she would do favors for some of the merchants they traded with and take deliveries out further. She had received a missive from one such to let her know ahead of time so that she would be prepared for a longer journey. Theia was grateful for these as travelling so long unprepared was a hassle she preferred to not deal with.

It took the two most of the day to complete their harvest, only breaking for a light lunch. Once they had finished and stored it for either travel or use, Theia prepared supper for them both and ran over her travel plans. Her father agreed to her itinerary, adding a short list of his own. She looked it over and nodded, happy to pick up the few things. One happened to be fabric for some new clothes. If she got bored on the journey, she could get a head start on sewing them all together. As she had a very early morning ahead of her, she bid her father goodnight, gently kissing his whiskered cheek and receiving an indulgent smile in return. She turned in, packing her bag before climbing into bed and falling asleep rather quickly after the long day of work.

Theia woke up before the dawn, slipping out of bed to wash up and dress for her journey. Grabbing her bag, she headed into the kitchen and set it near the door. She set about preparing her father's breakfast and some sandwiches for his lunch. Theia knew he would awaken soon enough, so she set the table and left a note with his lunch as she always did. She picked up her bag and quietly left the house, heading for their small stable. Approaching her horse, she smiled and moved around the large stallion, readying him for the ride. He chuffed at her in derision as she led him to the cart holding the harvest and she rolled her eyes in return.

"Oh hush, Ilya, you've been anxious to go out lately and you know it." Her comment earned her a playful bite from her horse. "Hey, now! Stop that you insufferable brat." The horse gave what sounded suspiciously like a laugh and she shook her head, finishing with hooking the cart up. She placed her bag safely near the front of the cart and swung herself up into the saddle, arranging her skirt so it sat properly without her needing to ride side-saddle. Picking up the reins, she gave Ilya's neck a pat.

"Well, let's get going, Ilya. We've got a long one this time."

The journey to Ashpine took most of the morning and part of the afternoon, but as several of the merchants were expecting her, they were still waiting at their shops for her. It took her all afternoon and part of the evening to finish her business and pick up the couple of deliveries she had agreed to take for a small bonus to her selling price. At least they were mostly going to the same place. She bid goodbye to her last contact and took Ilya to the stables for the night. She would set out the next day for her destination. One slightly restless night at an inn later and she was on the road early once again.

The travelling was rather uneventful, though it took 8 days' time. Ilya knew the way by now, so Theia spent the time cutting down some of the cloth her father had wanted. She had already sewn three shirts by the time they were even halfway through their journey. By the end, she had added two pairs of trousers to that list, though she still had a dress or two to make for herself. She figured she could finish those once they were set up in Bitter Ridge before they headed back. She packed her kit and fabrics back in her bag as the edge of the town came into view, her first stop being the blacksmith. She jumped down from Ilya, wobbling a little from the long ride, and located the blacksmith. Informing him that she brought his supplies from Ashpine, she took his payment for when she returned and assisted him in unloading it from her cart. Once finished, she bid him good day and led Ilya to their next stop; The Mill. She repeated her actions, receiving payment and helping to unload, before bidding the proprietor a good day.

Ilya chuffed at her, bumping her with his snout and causing her to stumble. "Alright, you annoying beast. Let's get to the stables and get you settled then."